Organisational evolution and team structure update

by Oct 16, 2019News

Resilience Brokers is a young organisation. We aim to stay young in the sense that we will continue to learn and question our assumptions. We grew out of the Ecological Sequestration Trust and share its vision.

We are in the process of renewing our focus. With the aim of planning better futures for all, we have developed a new, phased approach to working with cities and regions, designed to demonstrate the value of systems thinking, and how to use it to tackle challenges and develop policies.

At the same time we are evolving and growing our network. A global platform through which city regions, technological innovators and investors can collaborate on sustainable urban development projects.

In line with this evolution and to develop these opportunities we have also made some personnel changes with Peter Head becoming our Chair and Stephen Passmore replacing him as CEO in February this year. We have also been joined by Gavin who is supporting Stephen as our CSO.

Peter Head, Chair

β€œIt is 7 years since I created the Ecological Sequestration Trust and built a strong team to support the creation of Resilience Brokers and the prototyping of our systems-modelling platform It was always my intention to create a valued organisation that the team could then take forward to support city transformation. I am delighted, as momentum builds on that journey, to hand over the reins to Stephen Passmore and support him and the team from my role as Chair, supporting as necessary on project work”

Stephen Passmore, CEO

β€œIt is a real honour to step-up to lead and support our dynamic, talented team at Resilience Brokers in rapidly harnessing skills, talent and resources to support transformative action for city-regions. I am eternally grateful to Peter and all the Resilience Brokers family for the learning, wisdom and continuing support on our collective mission.”

The Ecological Sequestration Trust had a 100% dispersed team who met weekly at what was at the time The Future Cities Catapult (now the Connected Places Catapult). We concluded that to grow our team, we would benefit from having our own space in which to work together. After a couple of years of a careful and widespread search around London we found an ideal place in Cambridge Heath, The Green House, an award winning building, newly completed and run by Ethical Property. We moved in in February and are making full use of our new private space for collaborating in person as a team and meeting with our network.