Spring 2022 updates from the team

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Dear friends,

It is a pleasure to share our latest news, including the launch of the ‘Healthy Cities’ report, welcoming a new member to our team, and an update on our international projects.

The Resilience Brokers team are excited about working collaboratively towards fairer, healthier, more climate-resilient places & livelihoods, and we love co-developing new opportunities with our friends and colleagues.

If you have comments, questions, suggestions or would like to collaborate with Resilience Brokers, get in touch with us.

Key Cities – A Healthy City 📖 

‘The Healthy City,’ our new report for Key Cities co-authored with our partners WPI Economics and Nexus Planning, builds an evidence base with clear practical policy and action steps as well as a compelling vision for the future of our cities. The report is anchored in the ‘health first principle’, which makes the case for cities to increase their support and promotion of mental, physical and social health through a number of policies and reform at both the local and national level.

The vision has been created to address the major challenges that cities are currently facing and will continue to face – like climate change, economic and technological change, and inequity and social injustice. If left unaddressed, these challenges pose significant threats to human progress and wellbeing, and to the planet and natural world. 

Key Cities and stakeholder groups are using the report to support wider engagement and collaboration on the future of cities, both with communities and businesses, as well as with local councils and national policy makers.  

Read the summary of the report or the full report

Introducing Mehwish Kareem, our new Sustainability Projects Officer 👋🏼

We are delighted to welcome Mehwish Kareem as our Sustainability Projects Officer, where she will support Resilience Brokers’ growing portfolio of projects. She is currently enrolled in the Msc Marketing (Digital Strategy and Big Data in Marketing Intelligence) programme at the University of Bristol.

Mehwish is recognised as a change agent for sustainable development and climate action, and has rich experience in several global, local, public and private sector initiatives to integrate sustainability into operations. This includes work as certified trainer for UN SDGs acceleration, Wikipedia SDGs Edit-a-Thon, and sustainability activism.

International projects – Kisumu, Kenya 🇰🇪

It has been a privilege to take part in a collaborative effort to explore the feasibility of a data and collaboration hub backed by sustainable finance models in the Kisumu region in Kenya. The Project Data Driven Finance for a Sustainable Kenya has been supported as part of the Global cooperation feasibility study, UK Government’s InnovateUK.

We teamed up with two collaborators from the Equity-4-Humanity initiative, Acacia Water and the Greening Kenya Initiative Trust for an intense 6 days of meetings and visits in Nairobi and Kisumu. The key messages of a regional systems approach to tackle some of the lake region climate challenges whilst developing inclusive prosperity resonated wherever we went. We spoke with county governments, leading banks, universities, entrepreneur networks and civil society organisations. Our main achievement has been to develop an implementation plan that builds on existing strengths and adds exciting finance and collaboration mechanisms to truly realise a regional approach to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

If you are interested in this project please contact Stephen Passmore.

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We have always been committed to diversity and inclusion as a group and in a recent focus on the topic we’ve completed a self assessment checklist referenced from the wonderful CIPD Building Inclusive Workplaces evidence report, do check it out.

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