A futuristic reimagining of the urban economy and built environment


‘The Healthy City,’ our new report for Key Cities co-authored with our partners WPI Economics and Nexus Planning, builds an evidence base with clear practical policy and action steps as well as a compelling vision for the future of our cities. The report is anchored in the ‘health first principle’, which makes the case for cities to increase their support and promotion of mental, physical and social health through a number of policies and reform at both the local and national level.

The vision has been created to address the major challenges that cities are currently facing and will continue to face – like climate change, economic and technological change, and inequity and social injustice. If left unaddressed, these challenges pose significant threats to human progress and wellbeing, and to the planet and natural world. 

Key Cities and stakeholder groups are using the report to support wider engagement and collaboration on the future of cities, both with communities and businesses, as well as with local councils and national policy makers.  

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