A software solution that connects developers, innovators and technology providers with city stakeholder demand for collaborative, risk-informed investment and policy decision making; and to support infrastructure and technology design and procurement.


Described by leading experts as the most sophisticated city-region modelling platform being developed in the world, enables users to overcome the limitations of existing data-mapping applications, city visualization software and even big data tools connected to smart city sensors.

The new technology highlights the interlinkages between systems, ensuring that individual project requirements are informed by a representative set of city-region needs; which in turn allows for accurate projection and evaluation of social, environmental and economic impact.

Features platform is designed to help communities calculate the impact of economic, human and ecological activity on human-wellbeing, health and productivity. A better understanding of local systems’ interactions will allow users to make more robust decisions about the holistic needs of the economy, environment and society.

Once developed, the platform can be used for scenario-planning, to visualise and predict the outcome of different policies or interventions for example, enabling better planning and decision-making to increase resilience in the long-term. Through these feedback loops and information systems communities can make ‘smart’ lifestyle decisions and learn from practice.


The platform will be made available to communities to use anywhere in the world by downloading from the internet. A gaming version is planned for schools and online courses/apprenticeships will engage learners of all ages. Communities will be involved with feeding local data into the platform, for example through crowd-sourcing, installing sensors, and ground-truthing data inputs.