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Facilitating collaborations, knowledge sharing and the effective co-design of systemic solutions


The Resilience Brokers Network offers a global platform through which city regions, technological innovators and investors can collaborate on sustainable urban development projects.Ā 

City regions will benefit from an integrated systems thinking approach to strengthen policy, urban planning and design processes. The network will offer opportunities for connection with investors and innovative technologies, enhancing development processes.

Technological Innovators will have the opportunity to trial innovative concepts, receiving funds for city projects. These systems will then be scaled up to initiate solutions which can have a systematic impact on city regions.

Investors will be connected with a growing network of investable infrastructure projects, initiating social impact through dynamic partner relationships between cities and technical businesses.Ā 

This joined-up marketplace will allow Resilience Brokers to create connections between organisations based on their requirements for current or potential development projects. In this, we will form a collaborative environment between groups to initiate the effective co-design of systemic solutions.

A quarterly ā€˜horizon scanā€™ email will offer the opportunity for organisations to present themselves to the global community, showcasing new membersā€™ company profiles, and offering examples of collaborative projects established through the network.

Our unique approach allows our city clients to test and compare the performance of a specific solution in the context of project scenarios and to support procurement decisions.

Join our Network of City Champions, Technology Providers and Investors

A growing community of practice that allows for a rapid deployment and global scale up of systemic solutions to systemic problems.

You will receive a quarterly Horizon Scan email, which will provide insight into future collaborative projects through the Network. It will offer the opportunity to profile your organisation to the rest of the Network in a showcase.

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Wetlands International: wetlands for resilient cities with maximized urban benefits

Wetlands International is the only global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands ā€” for their environmental values as well as for the services they provide to people. The loss and deterioration of wetlands such as lakes, marshes and rivers contributes to loss of their services, including to the climate crisis. To counter this, the organisation works through a global network of offices throughout the world, a Global Office in the Netherlands and a Europe Office in Brussels, Belgium. To achieve its goals, it inspires and mobilises society to safeguard and restore wetlands.

As this year is key for defining the policies and strategies under the European Green Deal and new Biodiversity Strategy, the Resilience Brokers through its ACT on NBS project are working with Wetlands international to promote urban wetlands as key nature-based solutions for their many benefits: from flood prevention through water storage function, recreational and health benefits, biodiversity habitat to their aesthetic and cultural value. Even municipal taxes like urban wetlands, as property value is higher if located near a well-planned urban wetland integrated into the urban fabric. Influencing these key policies and strategies is aimed at contributing to Europe-wide investment in urban nature-based solutions, especially wetlands for climate resilience and all these urban benefits.

Is your organisation interested in working with Wetlands International and Resilience Brokers to maximize these benefits of urban wetlands in cities? We invite new partners to join their work for climate-resilient and thriving cities!

Do not hesitate to contact, Urban Resilience Coordinator or for the Brussels Office of Wetlands International or see


Exponential challenges demand a collaborative approach

The extraordinary potential of our integrated systems approach for global impact and scalability, continues to rally support from city regions and world-leading organisations across all sectors of society. To facilitate connectivity, partnerships and project collaborations we have established a rapidly growing network.

The Resilience Brokers Network facilitates information exchange as well as cross-sector partnerships and collaborations. It brings together global and local skills and expertise, effective technologies and sources of finance to support the delivery of systems solutions to tackle region-specific challenges.

City Champions

Our work continues to attract the attention of city champions, including Local Government, Utilities and Infrastructure sector and Advanced Urban Services providers from all over the world.

We continue to work very closely with our Strategic Delivery partners, including ICLEI, ICES and Climate KIC, and their global membership, to boost city region engagement and scale our work.

Technology and solutions providers

We broker effective technologies, services, and policy solutions into city regionsā€™ sustainable infrastructure projects.

We offer cities access to this marketplace and enable them to scenario test and compare the performance of different options to support well-informed procurement decisions. To add your solution to the Network complete the sign-up form above.

Investment partners

As part of the service we provide to cities, we assess existing infrastructure project plans and work with them to identify de-risked, climate compatible interventions to create a pipeline of bankable projects. We have a growing client list for this work, who are interested in meeting investors to support the delivery of their projects. ( Regional blended finance fund opportunity not just project finance, social impact, climate and green bonds?)

We are inviting market leaders in risk-reduced, climate compatible infrastructure investments to join our Network to gain access to pipelines of investable projects in city regions all over the world. Ā To add your solution to the Network complete the sign-up form above.

An inclusive approach that supports positive impact at scale

We champion an open model that is built on multidisciplinary, cross-sector collaborations.

This approach encourages the co-creation and exponential growth of ā€œcollaborative advantageā€, which translates into growing access to networks, expertise, resources, and learnings. All of which, are key to the successful co-design, implementation and rapid scale-up of systemic solutions.

The exponential challenges we face to deliver the SDGs demand exponential solutions. Incremental approaches, while important, are no longer sufficient.

This is why it is more important than ever before to get behind breakthrough innovators like the Resilience Brokers and support positive impact at scale, driven by new ways of thinking, disruptive technologies and relevant business models.

John Elkington

Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Pollinator, Volans

The extraordinary potential of Resilience Brokers’ systems thinking approaches for global impact, continues to attract support from world-leading organisations across all sectors of society.

At the Resilience Brokersā€™ Approaching Programme Implementation workshop (Bellagio 2017), participants cocreated the Resilience Brokers Declaration of Commitment which is based on the consensual agreement that:

Urgent action is needed to support a rapid transition to resilient development paths, to ensure that all city regions in the world are able to withstand the emerging global challenges we face.

The necessary transformational change can only be achieved through new ways of thinking and collaborating that will lead to radical breakthroughs in paradigms, beliefs and behavior.

We commit to work together collaboratively to provide a better future for generations to come. A future built on equal opportunity and shared prosperity for all.