New Urban Agenda Implementation: Coordinating science to support the move from knowledge to systems health action

by Feb 7, 2018News

This blog post describes our Programme’s Intelligence workstream and it is part of a series of four published by our team as we present our work at the World Urban Forum (WUF9). The other pieces cover the Integration, Implementation and Investment workstreams.

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The Resilience Brokers Programme is an ambitious five-year initiative, aimed to develop and demonstrate innovative tools, and build the capacity to enable and accelerate the journey towards climate-compatible, risk-resilient and equitable futures, in 200 city regions worldwide.

The Programme is designed to foster new forms of cross-sector collaborations with the potential to unlock, mobilise and redirect the transformative power of trillions of dollars of private funding into sustainable development projects. The introduction of sustainable development paths at this scale will support the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the achievement of the Global Goals. We are at WUF9 and look forward to introduce interested city-region champions and potential new partners to the Programme.

Implementing the New Urban Agenda and fulfilling the climate change ambitions of city regions at scale will require rapid advances in how knowledge and case studies are produced and shared among different actors, in different contexts and across scales. Working with our delivery partners, Resilience Brokers will convene a science-informed engagement process that leverages existing relevant scientific research and curates new urban climate science and social science research on practice-driven, transdisciplinary topics.

Occurring in parallel to the deployment of the platform, the research engagement process works with a wide range of global research networks, university research centres and individual researchers (including citizen scientists) to identify topics, co-produce research activities, and collaboratively capture, validate and communicate lessons for scaling. The research activities are aimed to foster context-sensitive sustainable development pathways, facilitate and enrich knowledge exchange and learning with decision makers and stakeholders, and promote and catalyze civic engagement through local action.

The research activities within the Resilience Brokers Programme focus on identifying knowledge assets and gaps as well as facilitating the learning of new knowledge on topics relevant, and of value, to both the platform and programme delivery and stakeholders at large–including local residents, policy makers and planners, and broader research community. A critical objective of the research initiatives is to help “ground truth” socio-technical, socio-political and ecological information to help contextualise the platform. The programme will help strengthen the Resilience Brokers’ knowledge-sharing capacity and capabilities and can profoundly advance the efficiency and speed at which achievements are concentrated, scaled up and replicated in different contexts.

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