Partners and Supporters

Mobilisation and deployment - The combined knowledge, far-reaching networks, influencing power and established operational excellence of our partners, allows for a rapid mobilisation and seamless deployment of the Programme in any region in the world.

The Resilience Brokers Programme’s extraordinary potential for global impact continues to attract support from world-leading organisations across all sectors of society.

At the recent Resilience Brokers’ Approaching Programme Implementation workshop (Bellagio 2017), participants cocreated the Resilience Brokers Declaration of Commitment which is based on the consensual agreement that:

Urgent action is needed to support a rapid transition to resilient development paths, to ensure that all city regions in the world are able to withstand the emerging global challenges we face.

The necessary transformational change can only be achieved through new ways of thinking and collaborating that will lead to radical breakthroughs in paradigms, beliefs and behavior.

We commit to work together collaboratively to provide a better future for generations to come. A future built on equal opportunity and shared prosperity for all.

Delivery Partners