Warmest seasons greetings and a Happy New Year from all of us at Resilience Brokers

by Dec 20, 2019News

A year in the life of the Resilience Brokers is never dull.  Again, we have experienced the highs and lows of working towards transformational change in regions around the world.

In an extraordinary year of climate impacts and records and with a growing resolve to tackle the issue, here are just a few of our own highlights of 2019 for you:

  • Moved into a new HQ, in Cambridge Heath, London, which serves us well as a base for our networked, human scale organisation with global reach.
  • Continued to be influential on the global stage within initiatives such as the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Global Assessment Reports, CODATAs Integrated Data decadal flagship project, The Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions Lab and at world congress meetings with ICLEI, ICES foundation and Ecocity Builders.
  • Revitalised the Resilience Brokers Network to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing and effective co-design of systemic solutions in regions globally including assisting some fantastic technology providers to scale their transformative solutions globally.
  • Engaged in some really exciting projects with great partners, particularly noting our work on the Meridian Water major development in London, with Bristol Water on a systems approach to resilience and with ClimateKIC and SouthPole group for the second largest bank in Norway (KBN).
  • Co-developed an exciting regional revolving infrastructure fund with RE-Equity Partners in Stockholm to support transformation of cities, firstly in Africa. 
  • And finally, we are delighted to have launched the #ACTonNBS network of European cities accelerating the use of nature-based-solutions.

The strength we bring to all of this work and more comes from our amazing and dedicated team of staff, associates and trustees, and I want to thank each and every one of you for your courage, dedication and brilliance.  Our strength also comes from you, you are one of many many passionate and inspiring partners, collaborators, funders and friends that we work with day in day out to shape a better future and I want to thank you for so readily sharing your support, encouragement and wisdom.

We stand ready to return renewed in 2020 to work with you during a decade of action, helping to build resilience in regions to address climate change and its economic and social impacts.

Warmest seasons greetings and a Happy New Year from all of us at Resilience Brokers, 

Stephen Passmore, CEO Resilience Brokers