Transforming city regions into thriving communities

Bringing innovative tools and new ways of thinking to set city regions on the path to achieving the Global Goals

Resilience Brokers offer communities the possibility of a different reality: the opportunity to become resilient and able to withstand all the emerging global challenges and look forward to a better future. A future built on equality, justice, dignity, respect and shared prosperity for all.


We have brought together world leading skills and networks to support a rapid transition to resilient development paths. We have developed a detailed plan to deliver the Global Goals and the Paris Agreement targets, including disaster risk reduction, in all economies and regions, to build a better future for people everywhere, leaving no one behind.


The resilient development paths supported by the Resilience Brokers Programme and platform will include the transition to using renewable energy, potable and flood water management, eco-mobility, buildings-as-power stations, waste to energy and composting, recycling and re-use of materials, land regeneration, sustainable agriculture including agro-forestry, green infrastructure and aquaculture and aquaponics.

Global Goals

“With the right tools and partnerships, we can make sure that no child is born into poverty and that everyone has a chance to thrive in a more equitable, prosperous and sustainable world,”


Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary-General, at the recent Global Poverty Reduction and Development Forum in China


The necessary paradigm shift can only come in the form of a deep transformational change. We are working to effect that change through four interconnected workstreams, which will bring together national and regional governments, private sector, academia, faiths and communities.

In September 2017, we convened a team of leading experts at Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre who agreed to a Declaration of Commitment to go forward together as the Resilience Brokers. Today, with huge excitement and anticipation, we’re pleased to announce this joint venture.

Resilience Brokers have assembled! Today we are starting the journey to help the world and are inviting more experts and networks to join us. Over the next five years we aim to support at least one demonstration region in each country that signed up to the Global Goals. We are actively looking for city regions with big resilience challenges to become demonstrators for our Programme.

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