Implementing the Urban Agenda: Resilience Brokers at the World Urban Forum (WUF9)

The New Urban Agenda, adopted by participant states in 2016 at the UN Conference of Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III), sets out a common vision and global standards for urban development in the coming decades. 

Following the introduction of Roadmap 2030 at Habitat III, the Ecological Sequestration Trust have assembled the Resilience Brokers, who have developed a detailed delivery plan–the Resilience Brokers Programme–designed to support the move from the important global commitments made in the New Urban Agenda, to action, through the implementation of transformative solutions.

We are at WUF9 to introduce the Resilience Brokers Programme. Our goal is to engage key stakeholders in national and local governments, civil society, private sector and academia and mobilise cross-sector partnerships capable of supporting the delivery of the Programme–and, in turn, the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and timely delivery of the Global Goals. 

The Resilience Brokers Programme is an ambitious five-year initiative aimed to develop and demonstrate innovative tools and build the capacity to enable and accelerate the journey towards climate-compatible, risk-resilient and equitable futures, in 200 city regions worldwide. It is designed to foster new forms of cross-sector collaborations with the potential to advance and implement sustainable urbanization.

Programme activity will be delivered through four interlocking workstreams:

  • Integration: City regions, Earth systems & technology (
  • Intelligence: Knowledge & interdisciplinary research
  • Implementation: Collaboration, capacity & scaling
  • Investment: Project aggregation, capital mobilization & insurance

We will also be delivering supporting activities designed to engage in more depth with key groups, which we have identified as requiring a more targeted approach, including young people and the business & innovation sectors.

The Resilience Brokers Programme’s extraordinary potential for global impact continues to attract support from world-leading organisations across all sectors of society.

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